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Profile Courtesy Roberto Cifarelli By Nathalie Tamara Freson October 2, 2022 Sign in to view read count ” data-original-title=”” title=””>Chet Baker and Miles Davis trumpet1926 – 1991 ” data-original-title=”” title=””>Miles Davis, Fresu has honed a particularly mellow, velvety sound which is absolutely compelling. Even when he tackles coarser, more upbeat tempos, he captivates his listeners … Read more

Pierre Lacocque Turns Up the Mississippi Heat on New Album Release ‘Madeleine’ – American Blues Scene

Some describe Pierre Lacocque and his band Mississippi Heat as an enigma, wrapped in a riddle. They’ve been a celebrated blues band for three decades even though Lacocque is from Belgium, nearly 5,000 miles from the Mississippi Delta. Furthermore, although the band is named for where the blues were born, the music they create is … Read more