The Sound of Contemporary Records

The legend of Lester Koenig—record collector, bon vivant, screenwriter, film producer, friend to Hollywood’s famous—looms larger than a hundred books, let alone a few words in JazzTimes. Yet it’s as the founder of Contemporary Records (in 1952) where he arguably made his most lasting mark, creating jazz recordings with a distinctive crispness, more often than … Read more

The guitarist who changed the sound of American music’ – London Jazz News

Philip Watson – Bill Frisell, Beautiful Dreamer: The guitarist who changed the sound of American music (Faber, 519pp, £20 hb. Book Review by Jon Turney) Many have fallen in love with Bill Friesell‘s music in the last 40 years. Its beguiling blend of every possible American style – folksy melody, the subtlest jazz, rock distortion … Read more