Solo sax – Steve Lacy’s Book for Practicioners H, W and P

By Steve Gijssels Intended initially for his own practice, Lacy wrote three books of etudes, comprising six pieces each. He only recorded the first such collection, Book Hwritten in winter and fall of 1983 (released as “Hocus Pocus—Book ‘H’ of ‘Practiceers(Crépuscule, 1986)). In the late fall of that year he wrote Book W and then, … Read more

Solo Sax – The Overview II ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Steve Gijssels One more overview of solo sax albums, in random order, but we start again with a female saxophone player. Catherine Sikora – Corners (Self, 2021) I have once been in the situation that I was the only member of the audience when a free improv trio was expected to perform. Something must … Read more

Samo Salamon – Dolphyology: Complete Eric Dolphy for Solo Guitar (Samo Records, 2022) ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Paul Acquaro Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon is having a busy 2022, just half-way into the year and there are at least four recordings that he has released, two of which my colleague Matt Banash reviewed this week: Joy and Sorrow and Pure and Simple. Going back to the start of the year, Salamon released … Read more

Solo bass ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Steve Gijssels Earlier this year Eyal Haruveni already made an overview of new solo bass albums. It’s time for an update, starting with the re-issue of the first solo bass album ever, Barre Philips”Basse Barre“. Barre Phillips – Basse Barre (Futura, 2021) This iconic album was first released in 1971, and it was itself … Read more

Lucian Ban on Solo Improvisation

Creating a program of solo piano music is the ultimate challenge for any improvising pianist. The music on my latest album, Ways of Disappearing (Sunnyside), is really improvised—I just started playing—but the end result is not a stream-of-consciousness performance, nor does it come out of nothing. It comes from years of applying a certain approach … Read more

Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet and Orchestra article @ All About Jazz

By Dan McClenaghan March 30, 2022 Sign in to view read count I love any sound, including noise and also silence. I would use any sound and silence to make music. I don’t want to limit myself. —Satoko Fujii Satoko Fujii’s recorded output comes at you hard and fast. It can overwhelm. In 2018—in celebration … Read more

Legendary Guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter Announces Solo Album ‘Speed of Heat’ Shares Single

Jeff “Skunk” Baxter Legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxterknown to millions from his groundbreaking work with Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothersand from countless smash hit recordings he’s performed on as an in-demand, first-call studio musician, has announced that his first-ever solo album, Speed ​​of Heatwill be released worldwide via … Read more

Solo Clarinet ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Steve Gijssels A quick update on new solo clarinet albums. We try to keep track of what’s happening out there, and offering you this list of possibly interesting albums will already be the first step. Our latest collective overview already dates from a 2014, which does not mean that we did not review solo … Read more