Stephen Gauci Post-Lockdown Round-Up ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Nick Ostrum Stephen Gauci is a fiery and tireless Brooklyn-based saxophonist. Locally, he is likely most recognized as the curator and frequent performer in the Bushwick Improvised Music Series. Despite such activities, he is also a frequent traveler, touring across the US and Europe and cutting a few stellar live albums in the process. … Read more

Jazz at Buxton Festival (Opening Weekend Round-up) – London Jazz News

Buxton International Festival is now in its 43rd year. Traditionally been a platform for opera and literature, this year saw the premier of its first ever official jazz series. Most of the performances took place at the Palace Hotel, as well as the occasional evening show at Buxton Opera House or Pavilion Arts Centre, featuring … Read more

Love Supreme 2022 Saturday Round-Up – London Jazz News

Lavender Sutton attended the Saturday of the 2022 Love Supreme Festival. Recognised as “The most spectacular jazz festival in the country”, Love Supreme has become a highly anticipated weekend event hosting some of the best jazz, funk, R&B, Hip Hop and Soul all in one place. It combines the European jazz festival model (Montreux and … Read more

Damon Smith/Balance Point Acoustics Roundup, Part 2b ~ The Free Jazz Collective

Novak/Kamins/Ewen/Smith/Bryerton – Groundwater Recharge (Balance Point Acoustics, 2021) Billed as “improvised music for quintet (+trios)” this is an excellent example of what’s meant by collective improvisation. All five players (six with Aluana Rubin joining on clarinet for one track) are given, and give, space to explore and collaborate. – LRE DS: Groundwater Recharge is a … Read more