Steve Lacy and the Influence of Sonny Rollins and Thelonious Monk

Steve Lacy was once a brilliant bebop player. Yet conventional wisdom says the opposite. Many have long argued that a key to the innovative soprano saxophonist’s stubborn originality over a 50-year career was precisely the fact that he never Played bebop, the common-practice language of jazz since about 1950. The Lacy creation myth unfolds like … Read more

Ten Sonny Rollins Tracks I Can’t Live Without…by Liam Noble – London Jazz News

In LJN’s ‘Ten Tracks I Can’t Do Without’ series, where jazz musicians write about their inspirations, Liam Noble writes about Sonny Rollins: Liam Noble writes: You can’t chose your family, nor the order in which things happen to you. This list is necessarily limited, insufficient, has holes in it. But this is what happened, in … Read more