Chicago Area Real Estate Agents Are Quickly Becoming Hyperlocal Guides Thanks to New Technology – Fake Shore Drive®

Estate agents have very complex jobs. Not only do they need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the houses that they market, but they also need to have extensive knowledge of the local area and its services. Before technology, estate agents had to painstakingly browse newspapers and familiarize themselves with the local area on foot. … Read more

Can Chi-Fi Earphones Deliver Real Hi-Fi?

In audio as in jazz, some of the most interesting trends happen far outside the mainstream. Hop onto internet forums dedicated to headphones, and you’ll see fervent discussion of a bunch of brands you’d never find at Best Buy, like Moondrop, KZ, and Uisii. Audio enthusiasts call these “Chi-Fi”—short for “Chinese Hi-Fi”—products. Although Chi-Fi products … Read more