Nicole Mitchell at the 2022 Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music – London Jazz News

Nicole Mitchell Lit & Phil. Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improved Music – Day 2 & 3. Two writers, Peter Slavid and AJ Dehany, jointly covered the innovative 2022 NFoJaIM festival for LJN. Links to their other reports below, “We do it to disrupt the machine” is a statement of liberational sensibility that exists in … Read more

Ten Tracks by Joni Mitchell I can’t do without… by Tara Minton  – London Jazz News

For the LJN “10 Tracks I Can’t Do Without” series, in which jazz musicians do a deep (and entirely personal and selective) dive into the music of their idols, singer-songwriter Tara Minton picks some of the songs by Joni Mitchell that have had the most lasting impact: Joni Mitchell in 1983. Photo Capannelle/ Creative Commons … Read more