Swing and Silence article @ All About Jazz

Profile Courtesy Sara Pinto By Jakob Baekgaard June 23, 2022 Sign in to view read count ” data-original-title=”” title=””>Ahmad Jamal is often credited with creating a new spacious sound in jazz. He had a tingling sense of touch on the piano that let each note ring profoundly and famously inspired Miles Davis trumpet1926 – 1991 … Read more

A History Of The Band Weather Report article @ All About Jazz

” data-original-title=”” title=””>Miroslav Vitous. The term “jazz-fusion” could have been coined for Weather Report, yet it was never an entirely adequate descriptor for a band that absorbed so many influences and accordingly evolved over its fifteen-year existence. Jazz, funk, electronica, R&B, rock, soul, and a cornucopia of global rhythms—Brazilian, African and Asian— meant that the … Read more

John Beasley’s Monk’estra Live article @ All About Jazz

SoCal Jazz Courtesy Raj Naik By Jim Worsley June 22, 2022 Sign in to view read count It all made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening of jazz music. Captivating! —Jimmy Haslip If you are familiar with ” data-original-title=”” title=””>John Beasley‘s Monk’estra, then you may understand my excitement level at the prospects of seeing and hearing … Read more

The complete ORTF 1970 Fondation Maeght Recordings’ – London Jazz News

Albert Ayler – Revelations: The complete ORTF 1970 Fondation Maeght Recordings (Elemental 5-LP or 4-CD set. 5990443. Album review by Jon Turney) Three great saxophonists helped ease jazz out of the initially liberating but ultimately confining conventions of bebop. John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman’s contributions to this new-found, or reinvented, freedom are recognised as monumental, … Read more

Inntöne Tastenfestival/Keyboard Festival (Austria) – London Jazz News

Inntöne Keyboard Festival (Diersbach, Austria. 3-5 June 2022. Round-up by Oliver Weindling) Paul Zauner, the founder and artistic director of the Inntöne Festival, having moved the dates of the main festival to July a couple of years ago, has added a smaller three-day festival devoted to the keyboard. The combinations ranged from solo through many … Read more

Arun Ghosh (‘The Canticle of the Sun’) – London Jazz News

The idea for a spiritual jazz reimagining of St. Francis of Assisi’s mystical prayer The Canticle of the Sun was sparked when award-winning clarinetist and composer Arun Ghosh was browsing a second-hand bookshop near London’s Tottenham Court Road and came across a hardback about the saint’s prose and depictions in art. Feature by Martin Chilton: … Read more

The Beatles And India article @ All About Jazz

Film Review By Doug Collette June 19, 2022 Sign in to view read count The Beatles The Beatles And India Renoir Pictures/MVD 2022 The Beatles And India is not an authorized piece of film approved for release thru the current Apple organization, but perhaps it ought to be. This feature-length documentary collects in one place … Read more

Allison Russell Brings Survivors’ Joy To The New York City Winery article @ All About Jazz

Allison Russell is one of this year’s most improbable success stories and perhaps it’s most endearing. The singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist is a veteran of folk and roots bands including Po’ Girls and Birds of Chicago. Both bands have enjoyed a measure of critical acclaim but have had only modest success. Russell also joined Our Native Daughters, … Read more

‘Hargrove’ (Documentary directed by Eliane Henri) – London Jazz News

Hargrove – The man, his trumpet, and the music that kept him alive (Film premiered @ Tribeca Festival, 12 June 2022. Waterfront Plaza, Brookfield Place NYC. Film review by Dan Bergsagel) Still from ‘Hargrove’. Image courtesy of DL Media Documentaries about jazz musicians are typically about figures from history long after they have died. Occasionally, … Read more

Live at The Catalina Jazz Club article @ All About Jazz

” data-original-title=”” title=””>Stu Mindeman. Weckl’s fond memories were of a young trio learning, pushing each other and having a blast together. Weckl mentioned “Ray” being the other component in the trio. He spoke of Ray Kennedy, Tom’s older brother. Ray Kennedy was a jazz pianist and composer—a very good one at that. Before passing away … Read more