Young People’s Influence on Popular Music and Popular Music’s Influence on Young People

Young people today access the internet many times more daily compared to middle-agedadults. Recent data show about 95% of teenagers in the US use smartphones daily. Mostof them go online multiple times daily. They plug into music streaming apps and sharewith friends online. The youth engage in discussions about popular music multiple times with differentfriends. … Read more

What’s The Influence of Hip-Hop & Rap Music Within the Classroom? – Fake Shore Drive®

Hip Hop is a worldwide phenomenon that has swept over the world’s oceans and airports. However, what is Hip Hop? Is it the thrashing rhythm of the music? Rapped into a portable mic at breakneck speed? Dance moves that defy the laws of gravity? Is it possible for writers to convert walls into works of … Read more

LAYA Interview: “Um, Hello” Project, Love For 90’s R&B, Missy Elliott Influence |

It’s very rare for a new artist to catch our attention these days, but LAYA has definitely done that. Her combination of nostalgia and futuristic sounds is a welcomed addition to a genre that is filled with a lot of songs that sound the same. You can hear the Missy Elliott influence in her music, … Read more

Steve Lacy and the Influence of Sonny Rollins and Thelonious Monk

Steve Lacy was once a brilliant bebop player. Yet conventional wisdom says the opposite. Many have long argued that a key to the innovative soprano saxophonist’s stubborn originality over a 50-year career was precisely the fact that he never Played bebop, the common-practice language of jazz since about 1950. The Lacy creation myth unfolds like … Read more