Is There No Great New Music Anymore?

Photo Credit: Oyster Haus, Is There No Good Music Anymore? By Martine Ehrenclou You’ve heard that 70 percent of music streamed/purchased today is older music with bands like The Police and Creedence Clearwater being some of the most popular. Just this morning a guy in his 20’s shared with me that he and his girlfriend … Read more

The Great, Late Show with Dakota Staton article @ All About Jazz

She seemed to come out of nowhere. In 1957, suddenly Dakota Staton’s Late, Late Show album was even being played on the pop radio stations, as well as on the jazz stations. But she was clearly a jazz singer out of the Dinah Washington school. She had that natural swing built right into her voice, … Read more

Eight Great Jazz Soundtracks – JazzTimes Magazine

Films that tell stories about jazz open a revealing window on the place and perception of the music within popular culture. See Kevin Whitehead’s compelling 2020 book Play the Way You Feelwhose insightful readings of roughly 100 films connect the dots between plot points, thematic ideas, conventions, and tropes related to race, authenticity, subculture, and … Read more