Thank God Elton John’s Music is Still Alive – American Blues Scene

I’ve had tickets to see Elton John‘s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour since 2019. I shouldn’t have to tell you what truly global event prevented me from going until well into 2022. I’d forced it out of my head and resigned myself to the likelihood that it wouldn’ t ever be rescheduled. Well, I’m still … Read more

Azar Lawrence Speaks of Working for Miles, McCoy, Elvin—and God

THere’s something perfect about speaking with saxophonist/composer Azar Lawrence right after he’s clicked off from virtual Sunday church services. Still dwelling in the Los Angeles of his birth, Lawrence, who’ll turn 70 this November, maintains a devoutness to the spirit of the Lord—be it pandemic online or in person, whens subside—that’s as reverent as his … Read more