FREE NOW (Mercury Prize Sponsor) to support London small venue gigs in partnership with Music Venue Trust – London Jazz News

The new sponsor of the Mercury Prize FREE NOW is announcing a new partnership with the Music Venue Trust to support/sponsor gigs, including jazz gigs in small London venues. The complete series covers a of 120 gigs in various centers in the UK – London, Edinburgh and Manchester Performing at the Crypt in Camberwell on … Read more

Jazz em Agosto 2022 (Part 1) ~ The Free Jazz Collective

The evening was cooling down, nicely, from the mid-90s of the late afternoon, and a very light breeze kept the air moving. After two years of festivals in modified formats and scope, the return to the outdoor amphitheater in the Gulbenkian gardens in the middle of Lisbon felt good in many senses. Before the show. … Read more

ELMA- Licentia Poetica (Hevhetia, 2022) ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Sammy Stein Polish vocalist Elma Kais, with Knox Chandler on electric guitar and electronics, Klaus Kugel on drums and percussion, and Daigo Nakai on bass guitar, has released an album of wordless musical poetry titled Licentia Poetica. The work is an improvised suite recorded live in 2020 in Gdansk, Poland, during Gdanskie Noce Jazsowe … Read more

Torf Records (Poland) ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Nick Ostrum Torf is a download-only label founded just this year in Poznań, a city that lies along the Warta River in western Poland. So far, the label has three releases, which generally revolve around a core of reedist Michał Giżycki and percussionist Michał Joniec. The music is understood but buzzing with figurative, acoustic … Read more

Three from Sound-Artist Pedro Chambel ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Nick Ostrum Ferran Fages and Pedro Chambel – Os passos sequem como um espelho (Self-released, 2022) Os passos sequem como um espelho is a collaboration between guitarist and, on this release, acoustic turntablist Ferran Fages and sound-sculptor Pedro Chambel, who appears on electronics, alto sax and voice. The title translates to “the paths follow … Read more

Two from Lisbon’s Phonogram Unit ~ The Free Jazz Collective

hyper.object – inter.independence (Phonogram Unit, 2022) Jose Lencastre – Common Ground (Phonogram Unit, 2022) By Stuart Broomer Phonogram Unit is a Lisbon musicians’ label that over the past two years has released a series of often brilliant recordings, notable for their thoughtful conception, recording quality and design as well as frequently excellent musical results. The … Read more

Samo Salamon – Dolphyology: Complete Eric Dolphy for Solo Guitar (Samo Records, 2022) ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Paul Acquaro Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon is having a busy 2022, just half-way into the year and there are at least four recordings that he has released, two of which my colleague Matt Banash reviewed this week: Joy and Sorrow and Pure and Simple. Going back to the start of the year, Salamon released … Read more

Paul Plimley 1953-2022 ~ The Free Jazz Collective

Paul Plimley at the 2014 Vancouver Jazz Festival. Photo by Mark Miller By Stuart Broomer The Canadian pianist Paul Plimley passed, from cancer, on May 19. It was a sudden event. He had moved to a hospice just two weeks before. Around that time, I had written a review of a remarkable recording by Paul … Read more

Solo bass ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Steve Gijssels Earlier this year Eyal Haruveni already made an overview of new solo bass albums. It’s time for an update, starting with the re-issue of the first solo bass album ever, Barre Philips”Basse Barre“. Barre Phillips – Basse Barre (Futura, 2021) This iconic album was first released in 1971, and it was itself … Read more

Catching up with A New Wave of Jazz ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Nick Ostrum A New Wave of Jazz is a label run by Dirk Serries whose first activities reach back to 2015. Since then, it has accrued over 50 releases of free jazz and related minimalist music, if one takes into account those recordings released through their subscriber service. Many of these involve Serries himself; … Read more