Duke Ellington – ‘Live At The Berlin Jazz Festival 1969-1973’ – London Jazz News

Duke Ellington – Live At The Berlin Jazz Festival 1969 -1973 (The Lost Recordings TLR2204041. Album review by Len Weinreich) By their own admission, record companies are a clumsy, scatty and careless bunch. And the evidence lies with released album titles informing us that, at some time or other, recorded performances by jazz musicians as … Read more

10 Tracks by Duke Ellington (as pianist) that I Can’t Do Without…by Liam Noble – London Jazz News

In our growing series in which jazz musicians do a deep (and entirely personal and selective) dive into the music of their idols, pianist Liam Noble writes about Duke Ellington as pianist: Duke Ellington. Photo source: New York Public Library A musician once told me he thought that Ellington “couldn’t really play the piano”. I … Read more

Duke Ellington’s Black, Brown and Beige Revisited

Black, brown and beigethe jewel of Duke Ellington’s extended jazz compositions, “is probably less heard [than] any musical work of comparable reputation,” wrote critic Gary Giddins in his 1977 treatise “In Search of Black, Brown and Beige.” But, he added, it wouldn’t realize its potential “until a conductor with as intransigent a vision as Ellington’s … Read more