Josephine Davies (Ensō Ensemble…new composition ‘Ascension Suite’, Vortex 21 Oct, St Leonards 29 Oct) – London Jazz News

Saxophonist/composer Josephine Davies has a new orchestra, the Ensō Ensemble. They will perform the premiere of her new composition Ascension Suite on 21 October at the Vortex, and then in St Leonards. Interview by Bruce Lindsay. Josephine Davies. Photo credit: Monika S. Jakubowska Josephine Davies is a relative latecomer to jazz, changing to the jazz … Read more

A Q&A with Kitchen Dweller Max Davies – American Blues Scene

Max Davies is a member of the Kitchen Dwellers providing guitar and vocals. The Kitchen Dwellers are a progressive Bluegrass band based out of Bozeman, Montana. They are known for their high energy live shows and are credited by their fan base for creating a genre of music known as “Galaxy Grass.” Growing up in … Read more