Ten Tracks by Danilo Pérez I Can’t Do Without…by Steve Boudreau – London Jazz News

Steve Boudreau is a Canadian jazz pianist and educator based in Ottawa. His latest album is a piano trio record entitled “Cherished Possessions”. In this latest contribution to our “Ten Tracks….” series, in which musicians write about their inspirations, Steve delves into his favorite tracks by Danilo Perezwho taught him in Boston. Danilo Perez. Photo … Read more

Danilo Pérez’s Global Jazz Messengers in Washington, D.C.

“[It’s] time to imagine a place where we can come together,” Danilo Pérez said from the hallowed stage of Washington, DC’s historic Sixth & I Synagogue this past April 30. “Everyone come together within this new space, the new planet called Crisalida.“The “planet” the 56-year-old Panamanian pianist was referring to is the musical but also … Read more