Cath Longbottom (New documentary ‘Howard Riley – Cheerfully Beyond Category’ London premiere on 4 September) – London Jazz News

The London premiere of a new, half-hour long documentary Howard Riley – Cheerfully Beyond Category will take place at the Vortex on Sunday afternoon 4 September. The film, which was first shown at Giofest XIV in Glasgow in November 2021, is by film-maker Cath Longbottom. Longbottom’s 30-year career in television broadcast has taken her all … Read more

Artie Zaitz/Mark Kavuma, Cath Roberts/Olie Brice, Will Glaser/Matt Herd/Alex Bonney – London Jazz News

Zaitz & Kavuma Back to Back (The Banger Factory) Cath Roberts & Olie Brice – Conduits (Relative Pitch Records) Will Glaser with Matthew Herd and Alex Bonney Climbing In Circles Pt 4 (limitedNOISE) Album and EP reviews by Tony Dudley-Evans These three albums reveal something of the variety of the current UK scene; Zaitz and … Read more