Justin Saladino Brings Nuance to An Upside-Down World  – American Blues Scene

What could go wrong? Justin Saladino‘s first album in 2016 was called No Worries. The title of his second release, Fool’s Heart in 2018, may have been prescient. But we’re getting ahead of our story. In 2018 The Justin Saladino Band was nominated for New Artists of the Year in Canada’s Maple Blues Awards. A … Read more

Allison Russell Brings Survivors’ Joy To The New York City Winery article @ All About Jazz

Allison Russell is one of this year’s most improbable success stories and perhaps it’s most endearing. The singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist is a veteran of folk and roots bands including Po’ Girls and Birds of Chicago. Both bands have enjoyed a measure of critical acclaim but have had only modest success. Russell also joined Our Native Daughters, … Read more

A Chance Meeting Brings New York Punk and Global Soul Face to Face – American Blues Scene

Global Soul is the musical genre created and performed by singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and True Groove Records CEO Tomás Doncker and his stable of artists. By its very definition, the genre is the indiscernible combination of musical styles which most recently met face-to-face with the music of New York Punk queen Patti Smith. Patti … Read more