OGUN ‘Blue Notes reissue series 2022’ – London Jazz News

OGUN ‘Blue Notes reissue series 2022 Legacy – Live in South Africa 1964. OGCD024 Blue Notes for Mongezi. OGCD025/026 Blue Notes in Concert. OGCD027 Blue Notes for Johnny. OGCD028 Album reviews by Jon Turney Here be the treasure. And a timely opportunity to revisit the story – important, compelling, and ineffably sad – of British … Read more

Topeka Blues Society Keeps the Heartland Blue – American Blues Scene

“It’s not fun, we’re not doing it.” So states the motto of the Topeka Blues Society. Based in the capital city of Kansas, the Topeka Blues Society (TBS) was established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer organization in July of 2008. The mission of the Society is to promote music rooted in the blues, through performances, … Read more

Georg Demel Quartett – Pale Blue Dot (Unit Records, 2021) ***** ~ The Free Jazz Collective

By Matty Bannond 23 billion kilometers away from Earth, something is communicating with humankind. It sends photos of our watery planet. It transmits data about the space beyond the Sun’s heliosphere. And it has inspired four young musicians in Leipzig to create an album of startling emotional depth that, like the Voyager 1 space probe, … Read more