Ray Wylie Hubbard & Willie Nelson Join Forces to Release New Single ‘Stone Blind Horses’

Ray Wylie Hubbard and Willie Nelson join forces to release new single and video ‘Stone Blind Horses’ from Hubbard’s upcoming star-studded album, ‘Co-Starring Too’ out March 18 via Big Machine Records.

Co-Starring Too Features All-Stars Willie Nelson, John 5, Steve Earle, James McMurtry, Ringo Starr, LzzyHale, Heart’s Ann Wilson, Wynonna & more.

“Stone Blind Horses” is one of Hubbard’s finest songs and this duet on it with Willie Nelson is high, lonesome, introspective, and glorious. It’s a definitive example of the Texas songwriting tradition and blends rough-hewn desert poetry with a spacious atmosphere and a feeling of time gone by. Hubbard and Nelson are two of the most hard-core troubadours the US has ever produced and now, as the true elders of outlaw country and Americana, are capable of sounds and emotions that take at least seven decades of living to attain. Want to actually experience three chords and the truth? Listen to this song.

“When I finished writing ‘Stone Blind Horses’,” Hubbard recollects, “the thought came to me: ‘If Wille were to sing this with me, it would be like getting a nod of approval from the universe itself.’ I guess I got it. Thanks, Willie.”

Once again, the Oklahoma-born, Texas-dwelling renegade poet delivers his solo-written offering as part of an eclectic new mix that follows teases from Lzzy Hale and John 5 on ‘Naturally Wild’ and ‘Hellbent for Leather’, featuring Steve Earle.

Originally released as a solo endeavor on The Ruffian’s Misfortune, ‘Stone Blind Horses’ leans into subdued refection and with the addition of Willie’s signature vocal as the two of them ponder:

“I been ridin’ stone blind horses

Never seen a reason to believe

Hey sweet Genevieve say a prayer for me

And the wild young cowboys, old drunks, paramours, and thieves.”


Watch Video ‘Stone Blind Horses’

RWH has embraced a world of misfit characters and ordinary circumstances for more than a half century, crossing paths with the most acclaimed and quirky artists of our time. Expanding on 2020’s ‘CO-STARRING’ — the all-star project that included Don Was, Joe Walsh, Ringo Starr, Ronnie Dunn, Peter Rowan, Larkin Poe and Aaron Lee Tasjan, among others — he returns with another benchmark-setting album. For his second rave-up with friends and family, RWH invites Rock & Roll, Country Music and Musicians Hall of Famers; Texas icons, Americana legends and upstarts making their mark, who all recognize the power of RWH’s cosmic snakedance.

Ray Wylie Hubbard is the secret handshake among those who know. He has twisted the mystic, the quixotic and the profane into songs for more than half a century on a journey that has crossed paths with the most acclaimed and quirky artists of our time. With a love of life, characters and a certain funky beat, the Oklahoma-born, Texas-dwelling creative saw success of Jerry Jeff Walker-recorded “Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother,” a legion of misfit fans and his first ever Austin City Limits televised performance. Pre-order CO-STARRING TOO ahead of the March 18 release.

“As a man of many friends,” Hubbard says laughing, “there were so very many people I just couldn’t get on the one project. So many people I wanted to do things with, but I just couldn’t. It stuck with me, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought, ‘Why not make Co-Starring Too? Beyond the pun, it’s something I thought we could do, and do with the same kind of quality.”

While the Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Hall of Famer has a signature jovial delivery, his talent and rolodex are far more serious. For his second rave-up with friends and family, the lineup boasts Rock & Roll, Country Music and Musicians Hall of Famers; Texas icons, Americana legends and upstarts making their mark, who all recognize the power of Hubbard’s cosmic snakedance.

Hubbard pulled in Willie Nelson on “Stone Blind Horses” and Steve Earle on “Hellbent Horses” while creating collaborations that spoke to places and moments in American music: Red Dirt confab Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers and Cross Canadian Ragweed founder Cody Canada on “Till My Wheels Fall Off;” next wave Texas songwriters Hayes Carll, James McMurtry and Dalton Domino on “Fancy Boys;” and legendary musicos Charlie Sexton, Gurf Morlix, Jaimee Harris and Wynonna Judd on “Pretty Reckless.” Hardcore rockers Lzzy Hale and John5 tackle “Naturally Wild” next to firebrand roots writer Eliza Gilkyson and son Lucas Hubbard alongside Ringo Starr, Steve Lukather (Toto) and Ann Wilson (Heart) on “Ride or Die.”

“When you’re lucky enough to have this kind of collaborative power, you’d be a fool to not tap in,” Hubbard continues. “And when you’ve got Scott Borchetta and the Big Machine behind you, saying, ‘Whoever you’d like… What do you want to do…’? Well, I’d be a fool to not make another one of these records. They’re too fun, and because of the pandemic, it lets a lot of people stay creative when it’s hard to get out on the road.” And true to his roadhouse roots, the man who gave the world “Snake Farm,” and “Drunken Poet’s Dream” has pulled in great bands, too. Beyond The Bluebonnets featuring Go-Go Kathy Valentine on “Only A Fool,” Kevin Russell and the Shiny Soul Sisters contribute “Groove,” The Last Bandoleros join in on “Texas Wild Side” and Band of Heathens team up for a raucous take on the Eric Church co-write “Desperate Man.”

Stone Blind Horses (ft. Willie Nelson) Groove (ft. Kevin Russell and the Shiny Soul Sisters) Only a Fool (ft. The Bluebonnets) Hellbent for Leather (ft. Steve Earle) Naturally Wild (ft. Lzzy Hale and John 5) Fancy Boys (ft. Hayes Carll, James McMurtry, Dalton Domino) Texas Wild Side (ft. The Last Bandoleros) Till My Wheels Fall Off (ft. Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers, Cody Canada) Pretty Reckless (ft. Wynonna Judd, Jaimee Harris, Charlie Sexton, and Gurf Morlix) Ride or Die (ft. Ringo Starr, Lucas Hubbard, Steve Lukather, Eliza Gilkyson, Ann Wilson) Desperate Man (ft. Band of Heathens)

* Produced by Ray Wylie Hubbard and Julian Raymond

Ray Wylie Hubbard, Co-Starring Too, album cover

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