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The Grammy Awards are one of the most significant and anticipated events in the global music industry. The event gives hundreds of nominations to musicians and music acts, and voters will vote for their favorites. There are various award categories for songwriters, producers, instrumentalists, singers, etc.

The Award event attracts a lot of celebrities, renowned people, and music fans from all over the world. If you intend to be present at the next Grammy Awards, let a US lawyer for immigration assist with your trip.

There are many facts about the Grammy Awards that you probably don’t know. We will be revealing those facts to you in this article.

The Award Itself

The award is made of a unique metal called Grammium. It weighs 6 pounds. The award has been crafted by only two artisans, Bob Graves and John Billings. Bob Graves made the awards from 1954 to 1984, while John Billings continued from 1985 till date.

As prestigious as the Grammy award is, a penny will not be given to its winner. But, of course, the recognition the Grammy gives is worth more than any penny.

The first Grammy Awards

The first grammy award was called The Gramophone Awards. The event was held on May 4, 1959. The event took place at Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles.

The first Grammy Awards had 28 categories and recognized musicians from around the globe.

The first Televised Grammy Awards

The 13th annual Grammy awards were the first to be televised. The event was broadcasted from the Hollywood Palladium.

The Highest Rated Year in Grammy History

The highest-rated year so far in the history of the Grammy is 1984. The event was all about Michael Jackson—The King of Pop. During that period, he got burnt on his scalp while filming a Pepsi commercial. So, fans came around to see Michael Jackson and watch him break a record. That year, he won 8 Grammy awards.

The Most Nominated Artist in Grammy History

Ever since 1998, Jay Z has been nominated 83 times. Jay Z is two nominations ahead of Sir Paul McCartney, a musical genius in the 60s. Jay Z won his first Grammy Award in 1998 in the category of Best Rap Album. He received 23 Grammy Awards after 1998. Currently, Jay Z and Kanye West hold a tie as Rappers with the most GRAMMY wins.

Highest Grammy Award Holders

Quincy Jones and Alison Krauss are artists with the highest Grammy awards. Quincy Jones has received 28 awards, while Alison Krauss has received 27 awards. The overall record holder was Sir George Solti, the music conductor. He received 31 awards while he was still alive.

The most Grammy Awards Winner in One night

Michael Jackson and Santana are the artists who have received the most Grammy Awards in one night. Each of them received 8 Grammys that night. Michael Jackson hit this record in 1984, while Santana repeated it in 2000.

Youngest and Oldest Grammy Winner

Pinetop Perkins is the oldest personality to win the Grammy award. Pinetop Perkins was a blues pianist who received the Grammy award at 97. LeAnn Rimes was 14 when she received her first Grammy award, making her the youngest to receive a Grammy Award.

Three US Presidents won the Grammy

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have all won Grammy Awards. They all received awards in the best-spoken words category. The spoken words category includes poems, stories, and audiobooks.

Barack Obama has won twice and was nominated in 2022. Jimmy Carter won three times, while Bill Clinton won an award once.

Who has been nominated but has not won?

As usual, celebrities are nominated for the Grammy award each year. While some win, others go home as a runner-up. Surprisingly, some artists have always been nominated each year for this award but never go home with a smile on their faces. Who are they?

  • Snoop Dog
  • Brian McKnight

These duos have received 16 nominations and have never won a single one. Surprise, isn’t it?

Where has the Grammy been Hosted?

Of course, the Grammy award originated to celebrate artists and celebrities in the US, though it attracts celebs worldwide.

So, three US cities have been hosting the event over the years, Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville. The award has been hosted 34 times in LA, nine times in New York, and once in Nashville.

The Most Frequent Grammy Host

The Grammy Awards always require hosts to anchor the show and present awards. Over the years, they have had a lot of famous acts host the shows, from musicians to comedians. Some Grammy ceremonies even went without a host. For example, the 1964 and 1965 annual Grammy Ceremonies was without hosts. Nonetheless, some hosts have anchored the event more than once.

Garry Shandling hosted four Grammy Awards during his lifetime. LL Cool J also hosted the show five times from 2012 to 2016. However, late singer Andy Williams is the record holder for the most frequent Grammy Award host. He hosted the event from 1971 to 1977.

The Close

You’ve just seen some of the unusual facts about the Grammy Awards. In preparation for the next Grammy Awards, you can tease your loved ones with some of these facts about their favorite acts.

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