Music Festivals in Chicago You Can’t Miss this Summer – Fake Shore Drive®

Who doesn’t love a good festival? It’s basically a place where they blast your favorite music on different stages, and you get to share that bonding experience with thousands of other people just like you! The songs, the socialization, getting to see your favorite artists performing live… These are all some of the most obvious … Read more

LAYA Interview: “Um, Hello” Project, Love For 90’s R&B, Missy Elliott Influence |

It’s very rare for a new artist to catch our attention these days, but LAYA has definitely done that. Her combination of nostalgia and futuristic sounds is a welcomed addition to a genre that is filled with a lot of songs that sound the same. You can hear the Missy Elliott influence in her music, … Read more

3 Reasons to Consider Hiring Hayward DUI Lawyers for Your Case – Fake Shore Drive®

Regardless of the extent of care humans exercise in their everyday dealings, mistakes are inevitable, and they usually come in several dimensions. However, as inevitable as they are, they come with varying degrees of consequences and implications, which can be simple in some cases and deadly in others. A DUI charge in Hayward belongs to … Read more

How to Write about Music Faster and Better – Fake Shore Drive®

To write an exciting, interesting text is not simple. Some people prefer talking or streaming. Engineers and IT specialists for example don’t believe in writing at all. They believe in coding, logic and mathematics. However, you can’t get around this obstacle if you want to graduate successfully. That’s why we decided to make a general … Read more

9 Fun Facts about Theater You Perhaps Don’t Know – Fake Shore Drive®

The theater is a one-of-a-kind and timeless experience. Because each performance possesses unique enchantment, no two stagings will be identical or similar. The theater is one of the world’s oldest artistic expressions, having existed since the dawn of time. It has been through various situations over the years that have shaped it into the organization … Read more

Top 10 tips for YouTube creators when looking for custom merch – Fake Shore Drive®

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Anwar Shahbaz-Lopez of The Bassment checks in from Federal Prison, shares story on living with Fyre Fest’s Billy McFarland – Fake Shore Drive®

Anwar Shahbaz-Lopez is a longtime fixture in Chicago’s Hip-Hop scene. Over 20 years ago, he started the storied music, lifestyle and streetwear shop, The Bassment, which had various locations all over the city. Its final stop was in Ashland in Wicker Park, and hosted some of the biggest events of the blog era (including Lupe … Read more

5 Tips To Plan Your Day Effectively – Fake Shore Drive®

Source: Unsplash One of the main challenges of remote studying is staying productive and motivated despite not attending classes in person. Research suggests that remote students often struggle with procrastination and are more likely to burn out. But it’s totally possible to stay motivated and productive as long as you make the most out of … Read more

Movie release – “Knights of Swing” recreates big band jazz in post-war California

Knights of Swing – “Cucamonga” Official Music Video On March 25, the Knights of Swing LLC and E3 Music Productions released a feature length film “Knights of Swing” powered by an incredible array of musical talent and a crew of dreamers and believers. The film “Knights of Swing” is set in Lynwood, California in 1947 … Read more