10 New Rock/Rock & Roll Albums For Your Summer 2022

Rock Bands: Marcus King (Mike O’Cull), Thundermother (Guido Karp), Blacktop Mojo, The Black Moods (SRO)

By Martine Ehrenclou

There’s a slew of great new rock/rock & roll music out now, either brand new or from upcoming releases. I’m talking about rock/rock & roll with soul. These are great bands that hit you in the feels. That’s subjective of course as all music is, but I thought I’d put together some bands with heart. Maybe that’s my preference as I tend to lean toward rock/rock & roll music with a dash of blues.

I’ve heard from many of our followers and from members of our Rock and Blues Muse Group on Facebook that it’s hard to keep track of all the new music because there are just so many great bands out now. You might feel that outstanding music is confined to the 60s or 70s greats. I can’t count the number of people who have confessed to having no idea that there was so much truly great new rock. If you’re ready for a music feast, and I do mean that, check out some of the music on the Rock and Blues Muse website and the Rock and Blues Muse Facebook group and you’ll be delighted by the choices.

In the meantime, I put together 10 rock/rock & roll bands with new albums or upcoming releases that I think very highly of and enjoy on my own time, apart from running Rock & Blues Muse. You might too. From modern rock to bluesy rock and roll, each one stands alone as a great band with excellent songs. And each one has new music for your summer of 2022. Discovering new music is a thrill, and as much new music that comes to us, I get very excited by new music that is just so damn good.

Each band below has a link to their music, info, website and more.

Rock & Blues Muse Spotify Playlist for 10 New Rock/Rock & Roll Albums For Your Summer 2022 See Below

Marcus King
Marcus King might be known for blues/rock and Southern soul, his exquisite guitar chops and old-soul vocals, but his new single is rock & roll that cooks. The Grammy nominated red hot Southern guitar player and soulful singer dives headlong into 70s swaggering rock with a modern spin, chunky guitar riffs and innovative songwriting and of course his one-of-a-kind voice. His upcoming album Young Blood is out August 26 and produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys.
Check out Marcus King Here

The Black Moods
In case you haven’t heard of the Arizona-based rock & roll trio The Black Moods, their new single “The Cure” grabbed me. Raw and riff-heavy with a heck of a vocalist and right rhythm section, it’s bluesy rock & roll with a modern twist. The song is off their new album Into the Night that was just released June 3rd.
Check out The Black Moods Here

Blacktop Mojo
Black Top Mojo is a unique rock band with one of the best rock vocalists around, Matt James. They just released a new two-track compilation and second installment within their self-titled 2021 album, created by James and bassist Catt Murtis. Okay, not technically a new album but the video is new and I can almost guarantee that you’ll like their rock sound. The animated video will be released in two parts. Check part one. They’re really something.
Check out Black Top Mojo Here.

Crobot has been around for a while but their new music hasn’t and it rocks. their new album, Feel this, was released June 3rd and their new single goes hard on the riff and groove. The lead vocalist Brandon Yeagley is a singer with some pipes. Tight modern rock at its best with inventive guitar licks. And they are popular with streams in the 30 millions for one album. With several records behind them, Crobot has the rock sound down and they’re a must-see live.
Check out Crobot Here

Black Stone Cherry
Kentucky’s favorite sons, Black Stone Cherry raises the roof with their Southern blues-influenced, beefy modern rock. The band realized their childhood dream of playing at the legendary Royal Albert Hall in London with their upcoming live album Live From Royal Albert Hall.. Y’All out June 24th. The band shows no signs of stagnation and continue to create highly melodic, often insightful songs. With masterful riffs, killer vocals, and a tight rhythm section, their soulfulness is woven throughout their lyrics and music.
Check out Black Stone Cherry Here

Shaman’s Harvest
A blast of modern rock with big riffs, slamming drums, and high energy, Missouri’s Shaman’s Harvest has recently released their new album Rebelator. Their newest single “Under Your Skin” dropped June 2nd and it rocks. The band rises above the rote contemporary rock formula and proves their mettle with 250 million plus streams from their repertoire but most of all from their aggressive modern rock sound.
Check Out Shaman’s Harvest Here

All-female heavy rock band Thundermother is set to release their new album Black and Gold on August 19th. Hailing from Sweden, the band’s 12 new adrenaline-fueled songs take fans on a high-voltage power ride into the catchy rock & roll sound Thundermother is known for. With four studio albums and countless acclaimed live shows under their belt, they continue to dazzle fans. They are joining the Scorpions and Whitensake American Rock Believer Tour this year.
Check out Thundermother Here

The Stepwater Band
Thanks to our followers, we’ve included The Stepwater Band in our list. With the confines of the pandemic, this great band’s record Turn of the Wheel was re-released April 29, 2022, featuring eight newly recorded tracks. Chicago’s premium rock & roll outfit, The Steepwater Band has been one of America’s best kept secrets. Known for their songwriting, this is a stellar band of blues-based rock. Band members include Jeff Massey, Joe Winters, Eric Saylors, and Joe Bishop.
The Stepwater Band Website
Video See Here

Big Wreck
Thanks to our followers who suggested Big Wreck, we are including these hard rockers in our list. Their new EP, Big Wreck: 7.2 is set for release June 17 as part of a trilogy of EPs. A Canadian-American rock band formed in 1994 at Berklee College of Music, by Ian Thornley, Brian Doherty, Dave Henning and Forrest Williams. They became a fixture in the Boston and Cambridge music scene and were signed to Atlantic. After three albums the band broke up. Having gone through member changes, the band is now comprised of Ian Thornley, Dave McMillan, Chris Caddell, Sekou Lumumba. Before their album…but For the Sun was released, Doherty sadly passed away in 2019. They continued as a quartet and released EP Big Wreck 7.1 in 2021.
Big Wreck website
Video See Here

The Immediate Family
It still amazes me that people don’t know about The Immediate Family, made up of Danny Kortchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar and Steve Postell. From The Section, these are revered session players known for their illustrious careers backing Hall of Fame artists like James Taylor, Keith Richards, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Carol King, Stevie Nicks, CSN and more. They helped shape the sound of many renowned artists. You can’t beat this kind of musicianship. They formed their own band and their brand new EP Live From the Telefunken Soundstage was released May 13.
Check out The Immediate Family Here

And in case you think I forgot about Dirty Honey, Blackberry Smoke , GVF , Small Town Titans and others, I didn’t. They don’t have new albums or EPs out. Looking forward to them though!

Rock & Blues Muse Spotify Playlist for 10 New Rock/Rock & Roll Albums For Your Summer 2022 See HERE

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